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The Business Club for the South of Brussels

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Erasmus Business Club (founded in May 2022) is the place of choice for business leaders and self-employed people who actively contribute to the vibrant economic life in the South of Brussels and the capital’s southern outskirts.

Who we are


Erasmus Business Club (EBC) aims at establishing a creative community that generates ideas and takes initiatives from a collaborative ideal. From a social as well as from a business perspective, EBC’s ultimate goal is to provide innovative solutions.

The Erasmus Business Club is for networking, for informal learning and the exchange of ideas, for promoting cooperation among its members.

What we do


The Erasmus Business Club organises its own activities in response to social trends and evolutions. Each season, we put together a varied programme of activities for which each member can register, ranging from lectures and debates to working lunches and after-work events. Each member is free to bring along guests on these occasions.

Our activities should enable our members to make new contacts and get to know existing contacts better. Furthermore, we hope that the programmed speakers and topics will help develop new insights. Below, you find an overview of our upcoming events.

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Where to find us


Why in Anderlecht? First and foremost, because the municipality was on of Erasmus’ numerous home bases and because economically speaking there is already so much happening, while there is still room for growth. We also want to seize this opportunity to put this part of the European capital in a positive light.

The Erasmus Business Club has found its home in The Faculty, the business centre housed in the historic buildings of the Old Veterinary School in Anderlecht. You will find yourself in a fully renovated building with character and rich in history.

With an impressive auditorium – the place where lectures used to be given to aspiring veterinarians – the lectures and debates take on a special allure. The numerous meeting and event rooms make The Faculty the perfect location to establish our business club.

Contact us


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    Erasmus Business Club

    The Business Club for the South of Brussels

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